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Business Processes Automation with 1C:Enterprise


Installation and setup

As a rule, the user isn't able to understand the difficult mechanism of setting up the 1C:Enterprise program. For high-quality installation and setting up the 1C:Enterprise it is necessary to use only certified 1C:Enterprise specialists. In other case the usage of this program complex will lead to serious complications instead of a positive effect 

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The 1C:Enterprise installation process:

At installation of "1C:Enterprise" control is required on the user's computer, and on the server. The list of the 1C:Enterprise settings can be broken into 5 categories:

  • 1C:Enterprise platform setup on user side
  • 1C:Enterprise platform setup on server side
  • 1C:Enterprise configuration system setting
  • The company's registration data (codes, addresses, accounting policies, etc.)
  • User settings (names, passwords, interfaces, roles)

Installation of a platform 1c can work in two essentially different modes:

  • In the file
  • In SQL server
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